Why Hansen & Jacobs?

Our team at Hansen & Jacobs has been active in the watch industry for years. Due to the lack of quality information about some watches such as the Seagull 1963. We decided to start a blog and webstore so people can find proper history, reviews, features & updates about the watches. This way we can share our passion in one place.

HansenJacobs.com is a long-term project, created at the end of August 2021. We need you to make us known and thus be able to offer even more articles! So don’t hesitate to tell all your friends who share our passion about us!

Our team

Servaas is still a student, he currently studies “Tropical and Infectious Diseases” and is the youngest one in our team. He joined us to help with the webstore, customer support and to optimize our campaigns.

What drives him the most? “Working to share the love of watches amongst other people.” 

Due to him still studying he is mostly available in the evening and the weekends, our customer support is therefore practically available all week! 

The rest of our team is currently still choosing their picture and the additional text. Come back to see everyone present in glowing fashion.