This seagull 1963 watch,  moonphase edition, with it’s 40mm diameter version of the Seagull 1963 is a reissued version of the Chinese Air force Mechanical Chronograph. This watch is and was a unique and classic masterpiece, currently loved and searched by collectors nearly as much as the original.

The Seagull 1963 watch: Moonphase is available with a sapphire glass on the front and an exhibition case at the back. Standard the watch comes with a green nato strap. The movement is the Seagull ST19 mechanical (hand winding) chronograph with 21,600 BPH. When winded, the power reserve is about 42 hours on a full wind without the chronograph running continiously.

This watch, the Seagull 1963 38mm or sometimes referred to as the Project d304 is an affordable and authentic Chinese aviation watch with a unique, vintage styling. This chronograph watch was made for the Chinese Airforce and the People’s liberation Army. It’s made of a polished stainless steel case of 38mm together with a cream dial. All of our Seagull 1963 chronograph watches use an original handwinding Seagull ST1901 movement. After winding, it has a power reserve of up to 41 hours with the chronograph not running continiously.